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    Torvin, Thermalkinesis Mage

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    Torvin, Thermalkinesis Mage

    Post by Shark Sharkley on Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:38 pm

    Torvin grew up in the oasis town of Koar, nestled in the middle of the desert in the nation of Molinur. His parents were both prominent hard workers. His father was a blacksmith and his mother was a tailor. Both ran a shop together in Koar making armors and weapons. His parents used to be nomads who lived in the harsh environment of the desert, slowly moving their small village around the desert. After a group of bandits raided out their nomad group, the group had split ways, most moving to the capital of Torgos, whereas his parents moved to Koar.

    Molinur has a more strict law system than most of the other nations, but still enough to let the citizens who reside there live without being controlled. However, one rule was made clear to all the citizens, including the continent: Any wizard, who is caught doing any sort of magic, shall be executed. Molinur sees any wizard, even some being the more faithful ones, healing and helping anybody, to be destructors and messengers of Hell. Molinur has a very harsh climate and everything that they have was come across by hard work.

    Torvin's parents live up to the laws and codes of Molinur, so he attended school everyday, worked with his parents at the shop when he had free time, and was able to hang out with friends that lived there. Unfortunately, signs started to show up after his 20th birthday that pinned him to being a Wizard.

    One sign was on very hot days, where he would walk anywhere. When his feet would make contact with the floor, if he made any sort of friction with the ground, a fire would form under his foot. This, for good reasons, did not seem to be any bother to any of the residents, as they were too busy to even notice. Another sign was he was not fatigued at all by how hot the days would get. Temperatures would soar way high, which would make some people shut down and not do anything and cool off by the oasis. Torvin on the other hand would be unaffected by the heat, doing his daily duties like nothing was holding him back. Once again, people would not notice as some of the guards would at like that as well, even when wearing all of their armor. Torvin would also not notice what was happening to him. But a strange thing also happened with him, he drank less water than everybody else. This coincided with him not getting as fatigued. Otherwise, everything else was normal with him.

    That was until he figured out that he was able to manifest fire. He was returning home from gathering groceries at the local market when he decided to take a shortcut around the alley, and take a less traveled walkway. He stumbled on a loose rock and dropped some oranges onto the walkway. He became angry and kicked the rock down the walkway and looked down to see a pile of ashes on the ground. Torvin, in his fit of unnecessary anger, had burned all of the groceries that was in contact with himself, which threw him into a state of shock, knowing that if anybody finds out he will be killed.

    Other encounters would soon follow, as he would also notice that any flame that was near him would start to flicker towards him and eventually the flame would change direction and point directly at him if he moved close enough. It wasn't until the worst thing to happen to the town of Koar that the whole secret was out. A bandit raid came over the town of Koar.

    After the bandits pillaged the town, they ordered all of the residents out of the town to become workers for the bandits. The ones who refused were threatened or killed on site. Torvin and his family was one of the refusers. The family fought and killed of a couple bandits, but were then captured and tied up. The three were going to be murdered on the spot together. As they the bandits were about to decapitate them, Torvin exploded, sending out a giant wall of flame surrounding the family, which burnt and killed most of the bandits. Everybody from the town were shocked to see what had happened. With the rest of the bandits fleeing, the townspeople untied the family.

    The townspeople cheered in delight to Torvin. Even his parents were proud of him. Torvin was surprised at this outburst of excitement. Did these people realize that he had just committed a crime with a punishment of death? Maybe saving the town would indeed get him off the hook. It's an act of justice towards the bandits, and it was self-defense.

    Slowly, the townspeople made it back to Koar, picking up the remains of the town after the pillaging. Houses were damaged, goods were ransacked, and personal belongings were destroyed. The town was going to take a couple days to recover after the incident.

    Torvin and his family then made it back to their home to finally get some needed rest after their ordeal. After closing the door behind them, the mood changed drastically. Torvin's parents suddenly became extremely mad at him, showing a secret that he was keeping from them for a while. He was faced with all different sorts of questions from his parents, "How, of all people, did you become a wizard?", "How long have you been keeping this from us?", "Of all things, why fire?" Soon, his parents then started putting him down, insulting him and calling him names. But, there was one statement that put a stake through his heart, "We used to love you, but now, you are the worst thing to ever happen to us." Torvin slumped down onto the floor. His parents then told him he was going to the local government to be executed first thing in the morning and stormed off to their bedroom.

    Torvin, in his state of depression, decided it was a good idea to pack up and rrun away. He packed a few things with him in a makeshift knapsack and a took a container of water with him and set out into the desert. Knowing the patterns of the desert, the directions of the wind, and which way the vultures usually fly, he made his way south, trying to avoid the main road.

    After a luck chance of finding a water source and a couple nomad villages, he arrived at Duoraw a border town of Molinur. Seeing a couple wanted posters didn't surprise him at all, as he knew his parents were going to find him in the country. After resupplying, he crossed over the border into Thistledown without incident. He was wanted no longer.

    Continuing down the main road, he started seeing spots of weeds and grass, which then turned into a full field of grass and trees along the road that continued on. He arrived in Sorhend, which sat on the plains side, bordering the desert. The atmosphere seemed more relax as he saw people wandering up and down the streets and walkways in an upbeat and happy mood. Torvin knew he was in a different place. He noticed a temperature difference here than when he was on the desert. This finally calmed him down.

    After restocking up in town he noticed a couple wizards approaching him. They asked if he was a resident of Molinur. Hesitant, he said yes. They then proceeded to ask him how far it was to Torgos. He answered back to them. After giving thanks they handed him a small slip of paper and walked off. The paper read:

    "Sensed you come into town. We would like to talk to you away from the border of Molinur. Meet us in Sumervale at the Clam Head Inn in a couple days after we return from Torgos. You will recognize us when you see us."

    Sensed, he thought with a puzzled look, it might be my magic they can sense. He didn't deny the note, so he set out for Sumervale.

    The countryside foreign to him, seeing farms, lush, green fields that stretched as far as the eye can see, rivers that flowed freely across the land, the smell of flowers and trees, and no dust to get in the way of his vision.

    Over the next couple days, he traveled and stopped at small little villages that he came across, and eventually arriving at Sumervale. This was a quaint little port town on the end of a harbor was also situated at the end of a long grassy field. The town had enough people to have a moderate amount of traffic in its streets. Torvin made his way to the Clam Head Inn, where right off the bat saw the two wizards he encountered in Sorhend.

    He approched them and bid them a greeting. Over the next couple of hours, they talked about the nature of his magic and why there were there to greet Torvin. They wanted to take him to the Magic Sanctuary in Castharelis so he can refine his skill and learn new ones. Torvin, knowing that he had nowhere else to turn, agreed to go with them to the Sanctuary. The three agreed to leave the next day after a good rest. Torvin had not slept in a good bed for a good couple weeks.

    Feeling refreshed, the three joined up with a caravan to Allassein, a border town in Castharelis. After a couple hour trip to the border town, they headed to a magic academy outpost. Once there, Torvin was greeted by the outpost's Archmage. Torvin would travel via portal to the Academy in the Sanctuary. After a couple minutes talk about what to do, Torvin stood onto a pedistal. The center of the wall formed a portal and spread outwards, just enough for one person to fit through. Short goodbyes and thanks were exchanged and Torvin stepped through.

    With Torvin on the otherside and the portal closing, a mage greeting him, "Welcome to the Academy." Introductions were exchanged and he was lead out of the room into a large expanse of a hallway. One half of the hallways was walled, with doors up all along the wall, and the otherside was open, and looked down into a courtyard. The current hallway had two other hallways on either end. The two made there way to one end and the mage lead him into a doorway.

    After another long hallway, they made their way to the end of the hallway. Torvin was escorted in and the mage left. "Hello Torvin," boomed a voice from the other end of the room, "I am the Grandmaster. Come and sit over here." A tall mage with white robes had decended a staircase onto the main floor and pointed to a desk with chairs on either side.

    A long talk followed with the two as the Grandmaster explained Magic as it is now, where it was, and why its here today. He also explained why he is here and what he is going to do here. Torvin then explained himself and what had happened to him in the last couple weeks. After the introductory talks the Grandmaster then lit the candles that were on his desk.

    Immediately all of the candles pointed to Torvin. With the Grandmaster intrigued and coming up with connections to his incident, the Grandmaster stood up and walked around his office searching for something. The Grandmaster came across and item on the other end of his office. He returned back to his desk and placed the object on the desk. This object was an amulet with a big hole in the center, with a small spike protruding up from the bottom. As Torvin went to grab the amulet, the spike on the amulet suddenly shot out a flame. This flame was contained within the amulet itself, never licking the sides of the amulet. "This here is an eternal flame. As long as you are alive and you are close enough, this flame will always burn. Depending on your power, this flame will change color. This is yours, and yours to keep."

    Torvin thanked him and grabbed the amulet and proceeded to place it around his neck. Once equipped, the flame suddenly grew and shot out from the amulet. The flame formed into a humanoid figure, but still retained its fire properties. The Grandmaster proceeded, "This is a Fire Elemental. This will be your familiar of sorts, his under powered at the moment because you haven't yet controlled your magic, but he will be of great use to you." "Greetings Master," the elemental said. "He will always be with you in your amulet. But also, he is able to transfer himself to other flames that are closer or with your commands can travel to other flames within the vicinity." The fire elemental then returned back into the amulet. "Alright, enough with that, lets get you started shall we?"

    The mage from before returned back into the office and continued, "Shall I show you to your room now?" Torvin had found the right home.

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