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    Chapter Three: The Trafficking Base

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    Chapter Three: The Trafficking Base

    Post by Shark Sharkley on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:57 am

    A long silence fell upon the Traitor's Blade.
    “So,” Isaac said finally breaking the silence, “how is everybody?”
    “Well,” answered Alek, “to be honest, quite shocked in fact.”
    “And from what pray tell?”
    “Oh I don't know, probably from no communication from you.”
    “Well gee, sooooorrry, didn't realize that you were. And what are you expecting from me, an apology for trying to get a hold of you also?”
    “Oh for crying out loud Isaac, let's not argue over this simple little mistake that happened. Let's talk with Rahn and see what our game plan is next.”
    “Oh alright, but our next destination is going to that location that Rahn has set course for us. Hopefully it won't be a ragged ol' ship like that last one.”

    “From the information gathered from the particular coordinates from this file, I suspect that we are heading towards a dead lead,” said Rahn as he was typing on his terminal without looking at his other two comrades.
    “But wait a minute,” said Isaac, “how old did you guys determine the ship was?”
    “Oh, quite old,” said Alek, “trying to tap into the computer systems took really old methods not used today.”
    “Can you pull up a map Rhan?”
    “Sure,” said Rahn as he typed a few commands into his terminal. A map pulled up over a platform in the center of the bridge showing a 3d model of known space. “This is where we are at the moment,” said Rahn as he pointed to a yellow blip.
    “And the coordinates, did you make sure they were to the right system?” said Isaac.
    “Yes I did. The coordinates are S.H.E., which is relative to Valor. Let me put them in to show on the map.” Rahn typed in the coordinates which then showed a white blip on the map. The blip was pointing to nothing.
    “Well, lets see whats around the coordinates,” said Isaac, “I bet we can pinpoint a relative location.”
    “Isaac, that'll take forever,” said Alek.
    “It's worth trying than to give up and throw away. Am I right?”
    “I guess so,” Alek said dishearteningly, “You are really determined to find some sort of treasure, aren't you?”
    “OF COURSE I AM! Might even get big money from some pirates, eh?”
    “Woah woah! Really, pirates? Come on Isaac, it's not like we can go up to any pirate and ask if they would like to buy something. They'd would kill us on sight.”
    “ALRIGHT! No more of this pessimistic talk! Let's just try to focus on where we are gonna be heading, okay?”
    “Fine! Alright!” exclaimed Alek.
    “Agreed,” said Rahn. Over the course of around an hour, the three determined three different locations on where the coordinates where actually pointing to.
    The first one was a planet known as Haeedvi. This volcano planet sits in a binary star system with the planet sitting in the very middle of the two stars. This planet was known to have some trafficking of weapons along a massive trade route between the S.H.E. Territory and the Alien territory.
    The second location was another planet called Quint. This ice planet orbits Yeris, a lone star just outside No Return Space. This planet is part of the same trafficking route as Haeedvi. These two planets were part of the route because of the dangers that become involved, which makes the S.H.E. and Alien authorities back off from the route.
    The last location is a rogue planet only known as K36. This planet has an unknown origin, because its trajectory has been changing ever since the S.H.E. found out about the planet. This planet used to be in the trafficking route, but has been discontinued because of its position in space.
    Determining the orbits of the planets, the three came to the conclusion that K36 is what the coordinates were referring to.
    “It's without a doubt,” said Isaac, “I mean, what more evidence would be needed that this is the right planet?”
    “I'd have to agree with Isaac on this one,” said Rahn, “The other planets do not come near where these coordinates are located. We can determine the age of the ship now.”
    “And, what would that be?”
    “About 150 years.”
    “Holy shit!” exclaimed Alek, “That planet must be moving really fast then!”
    “Indeed,” said Rahn, “No wonder it used to be a stopping point for the trafficking route.”
    “There's GOT to be treasure there,” Isaac said, “OFF WE GO!”
    “Woah woah, slow down there Isaac,” Alek motioned, “We need to figure out how to approach the planet first. If this planet is moving fast, it'll be hard to land our ship. From just a wild guess, trying to land on a spot on the planet, slowing to a normal landing pace from about 200 meters high, once we touchdown, we would be off by about 10 meters, let alone the coldness of the surface and the atmosphere.”
    “Hey, we will figure it out once we get there, but for now, let's just worry about getting there.”
    “I agree, when we within 1 Light-year away from the planet, I'll let us know to meet back here. Otherwise, let's just relax.”
    “GREAT!” Isaac excitingly exclaimed, “I won't be able to keep myself still from the excitement. Although I am hungry, what do we have on this rust bucket?”


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