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    Post by Winston on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:41 am

    Post your characters here.

    As a guide, try to at least include name, outfit, personality, background, jobs, and weapon specializations.

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    Re: Characters

    Post by Winston on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:42 am

    Name: Alek "Catseye" de Lange
    Height: 6'3”
    Eyes: Brown left, Golden right.
    Hair: Light Brown
    Age: 25
    Other: Long scar across left arm.
    Outfit: Pair of aviators with built in computer projecting into left lens. Long sleeve black shirt under cameo, iridium-plated military greatcoat. Light brown khaki pants. Black low-cut boots. Analog watch on left arm set to galactic standard time. Two pistol belts across the waist. Pistol ammo cartridge belt running from lower pistol belt to shoulder. On occasions wears a cowboy hat. In formal situations wears a black beret. In cold situations wears an ushanka.
    Weapon Specialty: Pistols; Heavy Blasters; Energy Swords.
    Job: Primary: Navigator. Secondary: Medic, Chef.
    Personality: Excitable on free time, Reserved, Taciturn, Cautious during missions, A moderate misanthrope, somewhat arrogant. Tendency to smoke when bored.
    Alek, had grown up in a wealthy aristocratic family. His private tutors early on noticed his talent in map making skills, and with his parents permission, recruited Lord Jeffery Ralfin, a master cartographer considered one of the greatest of the art in known space, to train him. For 3 years, he traveled around the far reaches of S.H.E. Space, practicing his drawing and measurements under his tutelage. When Alek turned 15, Lord Ralfin declared Alek a master of cartography, able to appreciate the surrounding area accurately from eyesight alone, and able to draw perfectly a navigational chart while blindfolded. As Alek was preparing to return to his family and joining the family business in de Lange Shipwrights, Ralfin suggested an opportunity to put Alek's passion to use. “Alek, when I was young like you, I too held your passion for cartography, but unlike you, I was born to the lower class. I was able to follow my passion, though, by joining the Imperial Navy as a ships navigator. In a matter of years, I was chief navigator on board the fleet flagship. Follow in my footsteps, Alek. Join the navy, and prove to the world your prowess for the art of navigation. With the war against those braggart aliens, you would have the opportunity to chart systems I could only dream of visiting, and at the same time, you would be teaching those creatures the true power of humanity. Look into your heart, and you'll know I'm right. Follow your dreams.” The next day Alek and Ralfin arrived at The Grey Star, where Alek wrote a letter to his family and hired a taxi to the Imperial Naval Academy.

    Alek spent 4 years at the Academy, training his survival skills, learning the art of weaponry, understanding the many aspects of a space vessel, and progressing his navigational skills. Graduating at the top of his class, he was given officers status and placed as second navigator on board the S.H.E.S. Gettysburg, a cruiser in the 3rd Imperial Fleet, tasked with taking the Euphasis, Welinsi, and Kerim regions of space during the 5th assault on alien space. During the assault, Ensign de Lange took over navigational duties when his commanding officer was knocked unconscious from a heavy proton beam glancing off the forward shield during the initial resistance. It was during the ambush however, that Alek reflected his true talents. During the battle Alek was able to monitor the computers and effectively plot paths avoiding mines, torpedoes, and any enemy spacecraft that could tail the ship. The Gettysburg was able to destroy 2 enemy frigates and a cruiser before 2 enemy battleships opened fire on it. Alek was able to pilot the ship through the firing radius of the enemy craft, but was unable to escape a volley of torpedoes launched at them. A torpedo hit on the right side of the Gettysburg, destroying that half of the ship. Crippled, the Gettysburg drifted till the end of the battle, when Imperial rescue vessels came to the battle to recover any damaged or destroyed ships. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Alek was put in charge of piloting the Harden, a newly designed Imperial Battleship captained by Lord Captain Darian Tryphus, an old friend from the academy of Alek's.

    “Alek, my friend, I've yet to find the time to have a good talk with you. All this negotiating with the brass for the past few days has been tiring. They continue to insist this ship be returned to dry dock for another month of testing, but I've yet to find any reason why they might find any problems. Come, come. Let's talk of times past.”
    “Darian, I'm happy to see you too. Let me chart a path on the navigational computer, and I'll join you.”
    “Worry not about it, Alek. I have a man who can take care of the navigation for the moment. I need to discuss an important matter with you in my office. Come.” And with that Alek deferred his station to the 3rd Navigator and followed his captain to the captains office. It was true that Alek had yet to talk with his friend of the time since his graduation, and he was interested in how Darian had managed to acquire such a position of power in such a short time. The door closed behind them. “Computer, disable all monitoring equipment in the room, and disable any room transmissions. So tell me Alek, 1st Navigator, not a bad position. And Lieutenant Commander. Your just short of your own command. But you've probably been wondering how I became a captain, no?”
    Alek couldn't help but smile, it had been exciting to gain his promotion, and to be told he would serve on board the same ship captained by his old friend was all the better. “You've read my mind, Darian. I can tell you that in my serving on board the Gettysburg, I was put in command of piloting the ship, and managed to keep it alive during the Karim Ambush for well over a standard hour before we were crippled by a volley of torpedo fire. When we were picked up by the rescue crews, I was sent back to command, where I was given the promotion for outstanding performance during unprecedented combat. I was also assigned to this ship immediately after. It wasn't long ago, I'm still getting used to this scare on my arm from a piece of metal debris during the explosion. That's my tail summed up. Let's hear yours.”
    The air in the room suddenly thickened. Darians friendly smile dissipated, as did Aleks. “I won't lie to my old friend, it was a lot of work to get my command. After the academy, I was placed as second officer on board the Nightingale, which was destroyed during the 5th assault. A few of the crew, including myself, made it to the escape pods, but the navigational systems on my pod were disabled from the explosion. I drifted to a far planet in the system, far from the battle. As time passed, I feared my escape pod would also become my tomb. Almost one standard day after the explosion, my oxygen was about to run out. Suddenly the pods computer announced an incoming vessel, not of S.H.E. origin. It turned out the vessel was lead by pirates.” Darian sighed, then contained. “They were a fine bunch. I was more than happy to be rescued, and they were wiling to provide me some food and water for some information.”
    It was at this moment Alek had to interrupt. Darian, what kind of information did you tell them. You know as well as I do that cooperating with pirates is a capital offense. You could be-!”
    “Do you think I had a choice, Alek? If I didn't cooperate, it would be a cold vacuum death for me.”
    “ Such is the fate of most members of the Imperial Navy. All officers and enlisted are prepared for that.”
    “Well not me. I joined the Navy for the respect I would gain, the reputation I could receive. Not everyone is born into the aristocracy, Alek.” There was an awkward pause. “Well anyways, I have no intention of dying in space, so I cooperated. I told them information regarding the patrol routes of the local space, as well as fleet numbers participating in the 5th assault and new ship classes. Among them the new Harden class battleship. I suppose I should bring up the point of this conversation. The true reason. Alek, in a few minutes, this ship is going to be ambushed by pirates, and its weapon systems will malfunction. The brass will believe it was a flaw in the ships systems prior to launch. The fate of the crew will remain unknown, save to me, the pirates, and anyone who joins me. Alek, your my friend, so I've allowed you to make your own decision. Will you join me, or would you rather meet the fate all officers and enlisted are prepared for?”
    Alek paused. He could barely breathe. He had never expected this. His best friend, a traitor and pirate collaborator. This was unacceptable. He had been trained since entering the academy to kill aliens, that humans were the superior species, but to be prepared for possible pirate engagements. Pirates. Those traitors to humanity who joined the rival empires to fight the S.H.E. Those who believed the aliens would accept us if we dropped our defenses. They were too short minded for this world. They are to be exterminated on sight, above all else. But this was different. This was his friend, and his commanding officer. “Darian. This is the course you chose, is it?”
    “That's right. Learning of my rank and position, they used ties to the aristocracy to have me promoted to captain in charge of the Harden. They told me to bring them the ship, and in doing so, I would be granted freedom, and that they would feed false information to the Empire of my bravery and heroism, my fighting of the pirates before finally being defeated. How I escaped with a handful of crew and led them back to Imperial space. I'll be promoted to Admiral for it, and then will be able to retire to the aristocracy, to the life I always wanted.”
    “I see. Well my friend, I'm afraid I cannot condone this. I will not join you, and will do whats in my power to stop you.”
    “So be it, I wont stop you, but you might find I have more allies on this ship that you might suspect. Computer, reactivate all monitoring devices, and allow transmissions back into the room. Ensure any recording of the last few minutes are deleted. Your free to go, Lieutenant Commander.”
    Alek couldn't imagine what to do. His instincts said to warn the crew, prepare them for the pirates and to stop the captain. But he also realized that any or all of them could be sided with the captain, and they might not be so forgiving as Darian. He knew what he had to do. He ran to his personal quarters. Wrote a message to the Imperial Command, and tried to send it. He couldn't. The ship had a 'malfunction' discovered as soon as they started drifting from the patrol course. All transmissions from and to command were lost. Alek thought to hijack a shuttle, but knew he didn't have permission to open the hanger doors. He thought about an escape pod, but dismissed that, as the only ships in the vicinity were the Harden and pirates. There was nothing else he could do. He found his trusty Jericho 941 Mk. V, a gun made before the destruction of Earth and an antique passed down through his family, and headed for the command deck. He thought of an idea that might work. Using his terminal, he deceived it to believe there were 3 hostile ships approaching from the west, pirates. Immediately, he jumped up shouting. “My fellow officers, 3 enemy vessels are approaching from the west. The gunnery officer immediately activated his console. After a bit of typing, he paused.
    “ What is this? All the weapons are offline. Nothing I'm doing will make them come online.”
    Alek surveyed the room as this was taking place, noting any faces that appeared uninterested or preaware of the situation. He took this chance to lead his mutiny. “My friends, we must stop these pirates, yet our weapons are offline. So we must fight with pistols. Signal the marines, prepare them for pirates. They'll surely try to capture such a prize as this over destroying it. Grab whatever pistols or rifles you can find and prepare to fight.”
    Suddenly a squad of marines entered the room. It was too fast. They couldn't have been alerted already. They were with the captain. He noticed them begin to raise their rifles. “Everyone get down! There with the pirates!” With that the marines opened fire. Several officers were hit, some killed. The rest were able to duck behind their consoles and grab any nearby weapons. Alek now knew they were unaware of the captains deception. He used the refection of the marines on a console panel to shoot one. They fired at him, but he was able to duck behind his console. Another marine went down, and one more. The gunnery officer to Alek's left was hit and slumped to the ground. Alek looked out again and put off another shot. Another volley of laser fire flung past Alek. He knew his console wouldn't be able to survive many more shots before they would pass through. He glanced out the main cockpit window. He could see 2 pirate ships holding position a few thousand meters from the ship. Gun fire stopped. He looked to the other officers. Those that hadn't been killed rose their hands in the air and surrendered. Alek was alone. It was over. Darian entered the room from his office.
    “What is this? Alek, I thought you would muster more of a force to stop me than just the officers. Still, a shame so many died. It didn't have to be this way, Alek. Now I advise you give yourself up, so we can proceed with my arrangement.” Alek dropped his gun. There was no shame in being a prisoner, so long as he didn't cooperate with the pirates.

    A few hours later, Darian came to visit Alek's cell. “My friend, see where you are now. The ship is in pirate hands. I'll soon be an admiral. Most of the crew surrendered peacefully, and they will be soon be released back to the Empire to tell the story of my fight against the pirate menace. And you, in all your aristocratic grandeur, could do nothing to stop me. Some people are born into power, and some work for it. It would seem I have surpassed you, friend. But don't give up all hope. I promise you you'll not be executed. I'll see to it your stranded on a deserted planet, where you can live out the rest of your life in peace. I can't promise a paradise, but I can assure you it will at least be survivable. I-” A pirate burst into the room. Darian, I have bad news. The Empire found out. I don't know how, but they found out about the defection. They've set the ship as an example. All crew of the Harden are to be treated as traitors and be executed on site. Your at the top of the list, Darian.”
    Darian didn't say anything. He calmly walked over to the pirate. He looked at the man for a few seconds, then drew his gun and shot the man. Darian suddenly burst into profanity, his careful planning foiled. How? How did they find out? Who told them? Why me? Darian left the room, leaving the dead man to lie on the floor for a few more hours before he was picked up and taken to the morgue.

    2 more days passed before Darian returned. Alek had no idea what to expect. He feared he would meet the same fate as the pirate who informed Darian. Darian was smiling however. “My friend. How are you? It seems they've fed you well for a prisoner.”
    “It would seem so. I would ask you the same question however. I recall hearing your plans were defeated.”
    Darian waited a few moments. “Yes, it would seem. Don't fret though, I've new intentions, this is only a minor hindrance. There are more nations than just the S.H.E. Also, regarding your fate, I've decided to let you go. I need no longer fear your knowledge. I've asked the pirates to provide you a shuttle and enough rations to take you to the nearest station. Also, because your my friend, I asked they provide you a combat suit, as you'll no doubt be needing it, as well as some new clothes, given your uniform wont get you very far in S.H.E. Space. Now I have other things to attend to. Goodbye my friend.”
    Before Alek had a chance to reply, 4 pirates entered the room and took Alek out. They brought him to a docking bay, where they gave him control of a shuttle packed with supplies. They set a course for the computer, and programmed it so that the navigations and main view screen were locked and disabled until the path was completed.
    After roughly a week of travel, the computer deleted its data banks and restored navigational controls. Alek immediately set a course for the nearest station, The Grey Star. Upon arriving, Alek pawned the shuttle, and rented a room in the hotel district. After moving in his stuff, he went down to the Deadman's Bar. It seemed an appropriate name for him. Alek pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered a shot of whiskey. He sat there a while in front of the drink, before a man took the seat next to him. “Hey there. You going to drink that?”
    Alek looked over at the man. He was an interesting enough looking character, wearing a black suit with what appeared to be blood stains. It was obvious he wasn't a tourist. “No I'm not, take it. I'm not that thirsty.”
    The man grabbed the shot and downed it. He then smashed the glass on the counter. Alek noticed the charred hand. He looked over at Alek again. “Your alright. You look like you know a thing or two about spaceships. I recently....acquired.... a ship, and I'm looking for a crew. Any chance you wanna join?”
    Alek thought on this a moment. “I'll pass, I'm not quite up to flying ships anymore.”
    “Well alright then, your loss. If you change your mind though, the ships called the Traitor's Blade.” And with that the man got up and left. Funny, Alek thought. Traitor's Blade. It suited him. After all, he had failed to prevent a mutiny, and was now labeled a traitor to the Empire. Alek thought on it a bit. Also, it's not like he'd be able to go anywhere else without a ship, and he couldn't stay here forever. Someone would eventually find out. He looked over his shoulder in the direction the man had left. He payed for the drink and started heading in the direction of the hanger. As he left the bar, he noticed two men get up and leave behind him, both wearing naval uniforms. Alek knew they had recognized him. A list of all officers onboard the Harden were sent to every ship in the fleet. Alek continued down the street. Less and less people were appearing. When he was at the entrance to the hanger, he discovered it was blockaded by a detail of naval marines. They saw him and rose their rifles. Alek grabbed his Jericho, fired two rounds at the blockade and dove to the side into an alley. Immediately he rose and pointed to the entrance, firing two more shots at each of the men pursuing him from the bar. He ran over and grabbed one of their pistols, checked its cartridge, and prepared to take on the blockade. He took a sigh, and rolled out of the alley into the open. He prepared to fire at the marines, only to notice they were all on the ground, dead. “Rather violent type aren't you? All the more reason you should join my crew.” Alek looked over in the direction of the voice. At the top of a store behind the alley was the man in the suit, holding a rather large sniper rifle. The man was grinning. Alek knew it was from the chance to use that gun. “Well, are you going to join me or not?”
    Alek pondered this again. He was planning to, but this man scared the hell out of him. Then again, all the more reason to join him. “I reconsidered your offer. I'll join you. I've been a pilot for two vessels in the Imperial Navy. I'm also a master of cartography and navigation.”
    “Excellent, I need a pilot. Welcome to the crew of the Traitor's Blade. Oh, one more thing. Don't do anything to make me angry, or you'll end up just like those marines over there. Now help me down so we can check their corpses for any loot.”
    Alek reached into his pocket, found a pack of cigarettes, lite one and put it in his mouth. He took a puff, and started searching for a ladder.

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    Re: Characters

    Post by Zorz on Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:40 am

    Name: Rahn
    Height: 5'9"
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dark Brown, almost black in appearance.
    Age: Unknown, appears to be in his early 20's.
    Other: Robotic right arm and right leg, skull and parts of rib-cage are mostly made of a light-weight but highly durable plastic, artificial heart, stomach, and kidneys. Eyes modified to switch between regular vision and infra-red with a HUD to show various info acquired from studies and local networks he has visited. Head looks entirely normal despite the artificial skull.

    Outfit: A gray beanie worn to eye-brow level, black sleeveless tunic with several stitched up holes, leather belt worn over tunic, dark blue pants with a ton of patches, one big leather boot on left foot (since his right, robotic foot is a bit larger than his other foot and does not need a shoe).

    Weapon preferences: Never being trained in combat, he is not very useful with most weapons, but he has decided to try his best with shotguns and is quite intrigued with his studies of alien weaponry/technology...

    Job on the Traitor's Blade: Engineer/Mechanic and hacker. Secondary job: Gunner.

    Biography: Rahn (among several other subjects)was revived about 2 years before the start of the story in a research facility on The Grey Star by a group of scientists. They had been experimenting on reanimating dead humans via robotic replacements of vital organs and body parts and several methods of reviving the subject. Having been dead, he lost all of his past memories and a majority of motor skills and basic knowledge including language, but he was retaught and reacquired most abilities fairly quickly. He was monitored by scientists to see if there efforts of returning him to a regular person had worked, and for the most part, they did; except emotionally.

    It is as if all his emotions aren't quite there. He doesn't laugh when someone says something funny, he seldom ever smiles or frowns, he never shows anger. The scientists had tried to make him angry or bring out some emotional response but only got a blank stare in return.

    He has an excellent photographic memory. He would read a book a day out of the facility's library simply by giving a brief look at each page and moving on to the next. He read and memorized many books, covering many topics.

    Disallowed to experiment on regular people, Rahn and the others were used for other studies, which eventually lead to his modified eyes, capable of seeing in infra-red and equipped with a heads up display computer.

    Thus it begins: Rahn awoke to another average day, he got up, went through his hygiene routine and headed out to the cafeteria for breakfast. He was nearly done with his meal when a scientist approached him: "Are you, uh.. *the man glanced down at his clipboard* Bahn?". "I think you mean Rahn.." *the man took a second look at his clipboard* "Oh yes, well, you're needed over in the research department, you best finish your meal and head over there soon." This got Rahn thinking about why his name was that, and he probably figured it was the name of his past self, but what his past self was like didn't really interest him--he had no ambition to find out who he was.

    Rahn finished breakfast and started the walk over to the research department, which was in a different building altogether. He stepped outside, and across the alleyway was the research department. He was about to reach for the door handle when he heard a voice down the alleyway: "Hey, those are some rather nifty limbs you got there." He looked over to see a rather two rugged men staring at him, the one closer pointing at his robotic limbs. "I suppose so-" Rahn began to reply, but by then a third person had hit him from behind with a pipe, knocking Rahn unconcious.

    He awoke minutes later, in the same alleyway, to a different man nudging Rahn with his foot, the man was dressed much better though. "Ah, so you are alive.. unlike those three who were not interested in helping me." He pointed over at the now dead muggers, it was at this point that Rahn realized the man was wielding a pistol. "You think you can help me out?" *the man grinned gazing straight down at Rahn* "I probably can.." Rahn replied, knowing this would probably not get him shot. "So you know how to maintain ships, yes?" "If you give me a book or manual or something I can memorize it.. they say I have a photographic mem-" "Very good, then you're coming with me!" The man looked pleased, but glanced down at Rahn's scrubs he wore. "But you aren't going to my ship looking like some sort of hospital patient." Rahn looked over at the bodies of the muggers and said "What about their clothes?" "I guess" He swapped clothes with one of the muggers. "Alright, let's go" the man said, pistol still in hand. Rahn didn't mind leaving, the man probably saved his life, and he always had wanted to leave this place. "I'm Isaac, your captain." "They call me Rahn.."..

    And off they left to the Traitor's Blade.

    (I might re-do this tomorrow, but for now, I'm off to beeeddddd)

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    Re: Characters

    Post by Shark Sharkley on Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:17 am

    Name: Isaac von Klemkov
    Height: 6'0"
    Eyes: Dark Blue
    Hair: Brown w/ Blonde Highlights
    Age: 22
    Other: Burned right hand.

    Outfit: Wears a professional looking black suit with faint blood stains with a blue undershirt, with a light armored vest underneath. A black & blue striped tie. Black slacks with dark blue dress shoes. Out in public, wears a blue checkered fedora. Carries a .44 Magnum with 2 grenades inside his coat pockets at all times.

    Weapon Specialty: Pistols; Snipers.
    Job: Primary: Gunner. Secondary: Captain, Medic.
    Personality: Very intimidating, schizophrenic, has a hobby of hurting/torturing people, tends to do his own way (mainly by hurting people), a dark sense of humor which others find sickening or disturbing.

    Background: Isaac was born basically alone on the planet Juantancalor, never knowing his parents. Was raised in an orphanage outside the planet capital up until the age of 16 when he escaped from the place because of free will. Having nowhere to sleep or anything to eat, he scrounged around like a rat, basically rumaging through dumpsters until he found something he liked. That was when he came across his first real friends, a group of thieves that took him in as an apprentice, and for someone who will take the fall for their groups mistakes.

    Isaac learned all of the tricks of the trade from the thieves, from old-style lockpicking (the planet used an old system of locks that were highly used during Earth's 21st Century), to burglary of stores around the capital. It wasn't until the age of 17 when Isaac rose up into the ranks and was allowed to carry his own gun. It was a simple M9 semi-automatic, that was only used in an emergency, but secured his seat as a higher-up on the thieves heirarchy scale.

    Isaac soon was able to blend into society with all of the clothing he had stolen over the year, which enabled him to window shop and even just paruse around the stores during the day without anybody getting suspicious. It's around the same time when he joined up at the Planet Defensive Squad Shooting Range (the higher-ups of his thief group trained at this same facility), where he learned all of his shooting techniques, and was able to access the armory of weapons.

    After turning 18, Isaac was well known as the friendly guy around the shooting range and was soon offered a position as the Armory Inventory Manager. Knowing that this was the greatest opportunity for any thief, he soon became well aware of the building itself, from the security cameras that lined the hallways, offices, shooting range, and the armor itself, to the staff that worked there during the days and nights.

    Even after his 3 birthdays, he was the mole for his thieves group, which had then made him the honor of 2nd in command. Isaac was able to steal, counterfeit, and sell the weapons within the armory of the shooting range. The ones he stole from the armory, were given to the thieves as gifts or just because. The ones he sold, were sold to local vendors, and even the black market of the planet, even selling solar system wide through the trade routes on the planet. After selling the legitamate weapons, he would use the schematics for the original weapons and make duplicates of them, using the armory's tools to do so. He basically knew all of the weapons within the armory inside and out.

    It was until after a couple days after he turned 22, when sitting pretty became sitting duck. Isaac was now the leader of the thief group he had started in. After threats of death became too much for Isaac, he came up with the idea of an inside job trying to tear him down. Thus, a "purging" was held for the thief group. This "purging" lasted only a couple minutes, but Isaac had killed the entire thief group, all 18 of them. Thinking that some of them still had tracking or recording devices, he set out doing autopsys and surgeries, but with no avail.

    After a turn for the worst, the shooting range started becoming suspicious when one of the weapons he sold came back to the armory. An assistant inventory manager went to put back the weapon when he noticed a duplicate in its place. He sent out a report that soon went staight to the main man of the division, Isaac. Isaac scrambled to get a foothold of the situation until he mistakenly took a wrong step in front of a security camera that captured him on tape, stealing some of the heavy weapons. After the security alarm went off, Isaac ran like a mad man, with his .44 Magnum in hand. The building was gigantic, and Isaac had a little trouble figuring out which way was the way out. Even though he knew the layout of the building, being under pressure was blocking out his memory of the building.

    After running into some of the security of the building, he hid behind some crates that held some of the construction equipment for the building. The security took cover behind the corner walls on the other end of the hallway. After peeking around several times and taking cover again, Isaac shot a security officer square between the eyes with a well placed marksman shot. After several burst shots to the walls, the other security officers fell.

    Getting to the entrance of the building after 20 minutes, Isaac's mind had completely changed, losing most of niceness and replacing it with hatred and morbitity. Just before getting to the entrance, he came across the General of the Planet's defenses. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!!!", Isaac yelled. All the General said was, "Great Job," before raising up probably the biggest, heaviest weapon Isaac had ever seen. It was the IX-220x5 Bomb Launcher. It shoots out 5, 1/3 meter wide bombs that explode in a radius of 5 meters. Knowing the extreme danger Isaac was in at this point, he made a break for a side hallway that came out near the entrance. The General took the advantage and fired, straight at the electrical box, causing a meltdown of the building's power supply. Fearing for his life, the General dropped the weapon and bolted out of the building, leaving Isaac to scramble down the hallway and end up at the door.

    A giant explosion occured. The building had literally exploded, setting Isaac on fire and sending Isaac soaring through the entrance of the building, bouncing off the ground like a fish out of water. Rolling and battering the ground cause most of Isaac's fire subside, leaving his right arm to still be on fire. He came to rest about 100 meters outside of the shooting range compound in a field. He was safe for the time being because of the foliage that surrounded him. The fire had subsided on his arm, but only leaving his right hand scarred.

    After resting, he made his way to the shipyard of the shooting range. The shipyard was still intact after the explosion of the next door shooting range, except for the couple of small one-man ships that had collapsed from the shockwave from the explosion rendering them useless without a ramp. Surprised to even find the place deserted, he made his way to the nearest frigate ship, named the Traitor's Blade. After some experience with ships from inter-outpost delivery, he managed to get the ship off ground and into the air. Expecting some resistance from the Planet's defensive systems, he was on high-alert for anythiing unexpected, but still also surprised that he made it into outer-orbit of the planet without resistance.

    Before anything else happened to Isaac, he eventually managed to get the ship to pilot to the station, The Grey Star, of course with some difficulty managed to land it in the hangar. Isaac, cautiously, wandered around the immense station. He thought to himself that he definitely needed a crew to help manage his ship, but knowing about his trust issues, it would have to be by force.

    Issac needed a drink so he stopped into a bar on the lower level called Deadman's Bar. It caught his attention because of the two shady guardman standing in the doorway. He walked in past a couple of S.H.E. units, but mainly aliens of planets he did not know. He grew up knowing only a couple different alien species, but not enough to know each and everyone in the bar. He saw a uniformed officer sitting at the bar with his head hung low over a shot of whiskey. Isaac walked up and sat down beside him. “Hey there. You going to drink that?” The man looked at Isaac. Looked very down about something, had a Lieutenant Commander badge on his coat. "No I'm not, take it. I'm not thirsty." Isaac took it, chugged it, and smashed the glass on the table. Isaac looked at the man again. “Your alright. You look like you know a thing or two about spaceships. I recently....acquired.... a ship, and I'm looking for a crew. Any chance you wanna join?” The man pondered for a moment. “I'll pass, I'm not quite up to flying ships anymore.”
    “Well alright then, your loss. If you change your mind though, the ships called the Traitor's Blade.” After that, Isaac stood up and walked out of the bar. He walked down the street and heard other footsteps behind him. He went and turned down an alleyway and climbed up an emergency ladder to the top of a store.

    Isaac grabbed a foldable sniper rifle from inside his suit and sat at the edge of the store looking down into the alleyway. He saw the man walk down the alleyway followed by 2 men. The other end was blockaded by some more men. After a couple shots, the man ran down a side alleyway. Isaac's moment came and picked off the men near the street. Taking fire he shifted and aimed for the other 3 men blocking the other end. Almost immediately after picking off the other men, the man came back forth and aimed for the already dead men. “Rather violent type aren't you? All the more reason you should join my crew.” The man looked confused until he looked in his direction. “Well, are you going to join me or not?” For a short moment he pondered. “I reconsidered your offer. I'll join you. I've been a pilot for two vessels in the Imperial Navy. I'm also a master of cartography and navigation.” “Excellent, I need a pilot. Welcome to the crew of the Traitor's Blade. Oh, one more thing. Don't do anything to make me angry, or you'll end up just like those marines over there. Now help me down so we can check their corpses for any loot.”

    Getting down, Alek introduced himself. Isaac just gave an uninterested stare and gave him his name. "I've got some more rounding up to do, go ahead and just meet me in the bar. Those people won't give you trouble for a while." Parting ways, Isaac ventured down the street of the lower markets. Deciding having no luck there, decided to go up to the middle floor, coming across the science district. Hearing a ruckus from a nearby alleyway, he saw a cyborg lying on the floor surround by some thugs. "Aaah, so I see somebody had a little tumble." Most of the thugs were still around him, but one started on a conversation with Isaac. "Yeah, thought about takin' this guy apart." "Well, I don't know about that, I think I can get a lot more than what you guys can get." "Oh really now?" The thugs started to walk over to Isaac. "I don't think we'll let you in on this then." "Tsk, what a shame." Isaac pulled out his .44, 3 shots, and the corpses fell to the floor.

    Minutes later, after several nudges with his foot, the cyborg came to. "Ah, so you are alive.. unlike those three who were not interested in helping me." He pointed to the thugs. "You think you can help me out?" He replied, "I probably can.." "So you know how to maintain ships, yes?" "If you give me a book or manual or something I can memorize it.. they say I have a photographic mem-" Pleased with this answer Isaac grabbed the man, "Very good, then you're coming with me!... But you aren't going to my ship looking like some sort of hospital patient." He notioned to one of the thugs. "What about their clothes?" "I guess" He swapped clothes with one of the muggers. "Alright, let's go." Isaac whisked away the man from the scene. "I'm Isaac, your captain." "They call me Rahn..." Pleased with his find, Isaac lead the man down to the lower level back to the bar where he had his first encounter upon arriving at the station.

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