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    Rules and Regulations


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    Rules and Regulations

    Post by Winston on Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:05 am

    Ok, so I'm not gonna go into super detail regarding this, as I want to keep the creative process flowing. There are a few general rules of thumb about these sorts of things though, which I'll list in hopes I havent forgotten any.
    1. How to start
    a. Much like writing a novel, we must start by picking an appropriate setting for our fanfic. "Generally, sites are already leaning towards a certain area the site is dedicated to, such that fanfic at say a One Piece site would use a modified One Piece setting."
    b. Upon establishing a setting, we must create the characters. "Ideally one would create a character that would reflect their own persona, or their ideal persona, so that it is easy to think of how your character would react to a situation. Also, for the sake of keeping an effective plot, it is ideal to make your character fit into the setting, leave room for improvement, and ensure that your character isn't some op jerk who just shows up and wins immediately. Along with this process, it might be ideal to establish an antagonist to your hero, someone who you would have a continued conflict with."
    c. After we have created our characters, we must create an arc, so to say. We must think of some general goal of ours, whether it be to acquire a certain power, to free a princess, or just to earn money or respect.
    d. Once this has been figured out, its only a matter of deciding where and how to start.


    These are the rules of thumb that, while not something one can really kick someone from the game for, are general rules that should be respected, and which each person should review prior to posting.

    1. Don't kill the plot. No one wants to spend 5 paragraphs of story to have someone magically appear and kill the antagonist just like that. If theres a plot going on, try to follow it. If you want to establish a side plot to it, try to lead up to it in a way so as to tie it in later.

    2. Keep to the story. No one wants to read about how the medieval knight suddenly pulled out an Ak-47 and started shooting up villians. Try to keep it respectable to the setting.

    3. Try to take turns. At the least, there should be one post between every one of yours. Dont post 3 paragraphs sequencially, creating a story that only you were a part of.

    4. Dont post something stupid like hi or what are you guys doing? or can I join or something in the middle of the story.

    5. Its fine to put other peoples characters in your paragraph, but if you do, ensure that it is something that would be approved by that person. Keep their character to the way they would act in a situation, and dont be stupid and like kill them off or make them say Im gay weeeee or anything. Lol andrew.

    6. Lastly, try and enjoy yourself as your writing this. Unlike real novels, its fine to associate yourself with your character, and make them act how you would want them to, rather than how you feel would be best to keep a good story.

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